Meeting attendance

Wednesday, 3rd February, 2021 7.00 pm, Cabinet

Venue:   Virtual meeting - Microsoft Teams

Contact:    Democratic Services

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Peter Lamb Leader of the Council Chair Present
Councillor Ian Irvine Cabinet Member for Housing Committee Member Present
Councillor Gurinder S Jhans Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability Committee Member Present
Councillor Chris Mullins Cabinet Member for Wellbeing Committee Member Present
Councillor Brenda Smith Cabinet Member for Public Protection and Community Engagement Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Peter Smith Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development and Deputy Leader Committee Member Present
Natalie Brahma-Pearl Officer In attendance
Ian Duke Officer In attendance
Karen Hayes Officer In attendance
Chris Pedlow Officer In attendance
Heather Girling Officer In attendance
Councillor Tina Belben Observing In attendance
Councillor Brenda Burgess Observing In attendance
Councillor Richard Burrett Observing In attendance
Councillor Duncan Crow Observing In attendance
Councillor Kim Jaggard Observing In attendance
Councillor Kevan McCarthy Observing In attendance
Nigel Sheehan Officer In attendance
Louise Skipton-Carter Officer In attendance
Clem Smith Officer In attendance
Kate Wilson Officer In attendance