Register of Electors

Annual Canvass 2022

The annual review of the electoral register is currently taking place.

We will contact every household in Crawley to find out if the details on the Crawley electoral register are correct. The law requires all Electoral Registration Officers to do this to keep the register up to date. If anyone is not registered to vote at your property they will also need to complete an individual application to register at

We may contact you by:

When we contact you, if you need to update your details or you are asked to respond, please follow the instructions and do this as soon as you can to avoid costly reminders or one of our staff visiting you.

Register to vote

Before you can vote in UK elections or referendums you need to register to vote. Your name and address will then appear on the electoral register. You only need to register once if your circumstances don't change. You don't need to register separately for every election. If you've changed address, name or nationality you must register again. Registration is easy on line at

How to contact us

Electoral Services
Town Hall
The Boulevard
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Tel: 01293 438572