Agenda item

Three Bridges Station Improvement Final Design

To consider report PES/338 of the Head of Economy and Planning.


This report will be included in a supplementary agenda as agreed in consultation with the Chair and Vice Chair.


The Commission considered report PES/338 of the Head Economy and Planning. The report presented the principles and the design for the Three Bridges Station Improvement Scheme as set out within the Three Bridges Station Improvement Scheme Brochure, except in relation to the highways aspect of the scheme, in particular the proposed “No Right Hand Turn” out of the station, which was the responsibility of West Sussex County Council as the Highway Authority to determine.  The report requested that West Sussex County Council, as the Highway Authority, makes a clear public decision over ‘the right hand turn out of Three Bridges station’, by 1 July 2020. 


In accordance with the above being resolved, the report further requested the approval of further Section 106 funding and delegations dependent on the outcome


The focus of the debate would be on the evidence Cabinet would be considering, which included:


·         the outcome of three separate public consultation exercises undertaken on the Three Bridges Station improvement scheme,

·         the Petition signed by over a 1000 individuals entitled “No Right Turn - Three Bridges Station Objection’ and presented to and debated by Full Council on 26th February 2020

·         the request contained within the Notice of Motion approved by Full Council at its meeting held on 26 February 2020

·         all other forecast impacts associated with the Three Bridges Station Improvement Scheme proposals, as detailed within report.


During the discussion with the Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development, Head of Economy and Planning and the Station Programme Manager, Members made the following comments: 


·       Recognition that the report included recommendations following the debate at Full Council on 26 February 2020. 

·       There was a need to ensure the traffic flow movements were not impinged by the station forecourt improvements, particularly along Haslett Avenue East and Hazelwick Avenue.

·       Clarification was sought and provided over the Section 106 funding as these contributions had been collected specifically for Three Bridges Railway Station improvements from the Forge Wood development.

·       Support for the partnership working within the project was welcomed, along with the overall benefits the scheme would provide to the station improvement.  It was commented that it would be disappointing if the scheme was blemished by one aspect being the “No Right Hand Turn”. It would be important to find a compromise with regards to this aspect which would benefit all involved.

·       It was noted that as part of the recommendations, the Cabinet would be requesting that WSCC take the necessary action to identify a viable alternative option for retaining the right hand turn as the Highways Authority by 1 July 2020.   

·       It was noted that the recommendations were detailed as it was necessary to enable delivery within a timely framework.

·       It was requested that Members be kept up to date as to progress and decisions on the discussions with WSCC over the “No Right Hand Turn”.

·       The Commission paid tribute to the officers, in particular the Station Programme Manager, for all their hard work, dedication and partnership work they had undertaken in relation to the project.


The Cabinet is advised that the Commission agreed to unanimously support the recommendations and that the Commission’s comments be conveyed to the Cabinet.


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