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Councillor Crow to the Leader of the Council


Regarding the written question (item 10 of the supplementary agenda) on rent reviews – I requested statistics for ‘each individual neighbourhood parade in Crawley’.  Why have I been provided with overall statistics for the town and not those broken down by parades?


I would also like to know why the total number of shops in these statistics adds up to 80, not the total 144 shops we have across all the parades.  Surely all 144 shops have either been recently reviewed or are due a review.


Finally, the answers to parts 1, 2 and 3 of the question show we are behind on the rent reviews.  If only two reviews have been done this year and there are two outstanding from last year, does this not imply we need a different approach in the future?



Councillor Lamb (Leader of the Council)


The question I received discussed ‘rent renewals’ and most of what is taking place are lease renewals which do not fall under Council revenue.  This is why the total number of shops doesn’t add up to 144.


I will attain the figures per neighbourhood parade and provide you with these.





Councillor Eade to the Cabinet Member for Housing


I have received a number of reports of Crawley Homes vans being parked on grass verges.  What does the Cabinet Member intend to do about this?





Councillor Irvine (Cabinet Member for Housing)


Thank you for bringing this to my attention.  I will raise it with the Head of Crawley Homes.


Councillor T Belben to theLeader of the Council


Would the Leader agree that the ability to organise e-petitions in today’s multimedia world is important as they are one of the most direct ways that residents can come together to raise their concerns to the council?  Why was the e-petitions scheme not operational and inaccessible to our residents for several weeks?  It is currently only working in a beta form.



Councillor Lamb (Leader of the Council)


IT systems require occasional improvement which sometimes leads to them being down.  We will be able to receive any petition with identifiable names and addresses that are able to be checked against the electoral register, such as those via



Councillor Millar-Smith to theLeader of the Council


Thank you for the answer to Councillor Jaggard’s written question (item 10 of the supplementary agenda).  This issue is important to a lot of people in Maidenbower.  Regarding point two – the dates of the patrols – the context is important here so further information on patrols in the summer and dates of these would be helpful, as would information on penalty notices.  Also information on the areas being patrolled would help us understand the big picture.



Councillor Lamb (Leader of the Council)


I am unaware of the specifics but I can investigate and if the information is available, provide the Councillor with this.