Agenda item

Election of the Mayor for 2023-2024

To elect a Mayor for the Council year 2023 – 2024.



Before calling for nominations for the election of the new Mayor, the outgoing Mayor welcomed newly elected Councillors Imran Ashraf, Craig Burke, Julian Charatan, and Justin Russel to the Council. The Mayor then gave a speech on her Mayoral year.


Councillor Hart’s Speech on her Mayoral Year:


I am now going to say a few words on the Mayoral year, whoa, what a year I’ve had! - I went straight from Mayormaking into the Jubilee – I visited 24 street parties over the weekend and gate-crashed 5!  To meet so many residents of Crawley in their own areas was wonderful.


Armed Forces Day was the first “in the real” for three years – The world was waking up from the trials of covid.


September saw the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and what has probably been personally for me the high light of my Mayoral year – the reading of the Proclamation from the balcony of the old Town Hall – a feat which had never before happened and will never be repeated as we are now in this wonderful new building which I had the privilege of opening just a few months ago.

Over the year, I have also visited many places of worship for many of the different faiths that make up the very rich diversity that is Crawley.


In February, I visited the Crawley Museum for the dinosaur exhibition for which I was accompanied by my grandson Chayse, who asked if we could go back again to see the rest of it because “it was great to see all the old things about Crawley”.


My year has consisted of openings, ribbon cuttings, concerts, presentations, parties for the Jubilee and Coronation.  Who would ever imagined I would start with a Platinum Jubilee and close with a Coronation and opening a wonderful new Town Hall in between.


Thank you CBC and Councillors for putting your faith in me – I hope I’ve done you and Crawley proud.


Councillor Hart informed the Full Council that as she was one of the nominations for the position of the Mayor, she therefore was unable to preside over an election in which she was involved. As a result, she would be leaving the Chair for the next agenda item Election of Mayor 2023/ 2024. Councillor Hart stepped out of the Chair and the dais.


Councillor Rana, as the Deputy Mayor, took over the chairing of the meeting and sought nominations for Mayor for the Council year 2023/ 2024.


Councillor Charatan proposed (seconded by Councillor K Khan), that Councillor Hart be appointed as Mayor for the forthcoming year. A vote was taken.





That Councillor Jilly Hart be elected as Mayor for the Council year 2023/2024.

The newly elected Mayor was invested with the Mayoral Chain, and made the statutory Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


Councillor Jones and Councillor Crow respectively, welcomed the Mayor on behalf of the Council and wished her well in serving a second Mayoral year. In response to the congratulations, the Mayor, Councillor Hart made a speech conveying the honour to be elected Mayor of Crawley for a second term. She also announced that her children, would remain her Consorts for her year in office. Additionally, she announced that her Mayoral charity would be the Armed Forces Veteran Breakfast Club in Crawley.


Councillor Hart’s Investiture Speech:


I promise to represent Crawley and its residents to the best of my ability.  My charity for the coming year will be the Armed Forces Breakfast Club based here in Crawley.  Their purpose is to arrange for veterans and serving personnel to meet face to face in a relaxed environment.  Our local group meet at St John’s Hall every Monday. 


Paul Gooderson from the local group will give you an insight into the workings of the club later in the evening.


I will finish by saying just how much I am looking forward to seeing you all at upcoming Mayoral and community events through this coming year, your support will be much appreciated.