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Councillors' Questions Time

There will be a maximum of 30 minutes for Councillors’ Question Time (CQT). Councillors may ask questions relating to either a portfolio issue or with regard to the functions delegated to a Committee.


There are two methods for Councillors asking questions:


1.     Councillors can submit written questions in advance of the meeting and written answers will be provided on the evening of the Full Council.


2.     Councillors can also verbally ask questions during the CQT.


Councillors have the opportunity to ask oral supplementary questions in relation to either of the methods above.


Name of Councillor asking Question

Name of Cabinet Member Responding

Councillor Jaggard to the Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability


Supplementary question to written question


I am pleased the enforcement officers are visiting schools across the borough on a more frequent basis, but it is disappointing that whilst Northgate school was visited 10 times and Three Bridges school 15 times, the only time Maidenbower school has been visited was at the request of a PCSO a few weeks ago and the Infant school in Maidenbower hasn’t been visited at all, even though Maidenbower Councillors have actually requested a visit as there have been really nasty incidents there. Can we expect a greater presence of Enforcement Officers in Maidenbower going forward? I want to make sure that all schools are visited. 


Councillor Jhans, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability





Thank you for bringing this forward. There is a higher concentration at Three Bridges and Northgate partly because they are located in priority enforcement zones but also where there are reactive requests.  Please continue to raise those requests and incidents. We will schedule school visits where we can and we will then concentrate school enforcement when those requests come in but it does come down to a resourcing issue.  However, I note your point regarding the schools in Maidenbower and I’ll see if the patrols can be increased regarding those areas for both schools.

Councillor Burrett to the Cabinet Member for Wellbeing


Earlier this evening Councillor McCarthy and I attended an event at Ridleys Court in Pound Hill regarding the forthcoming installation of an artificial cricket pitch on Grattons playing field.  As Ward Councillors we were only informed about this as it’s been the subject of a significant operational decision.  However we were not consulted about this.  It has generated mixed feelings as some are happy about it and some have expressed concerns about parking implications or stray cricket balls but the residents are concerned that Ward Councillors were not able offer views prior to the decision.  The event this evening was to inform residents as to ‘what will be happening’ as opposed to ‘what would you like to happen’. Please can I ask Councillor Mullins as to why Ward Councillors were not consulted prior to the proposal being agreed and what opportunity there is for the public to input into any mitigation?


Councillor C Mullins, Cabinet Member for Wellbeing


I will look into why you were not consulted.  I admit I did not feel it was a controversial development and had hoped it would prove quite popular.  We are trying to make more provision and encourage more sports and we have had a reduction in cricket in some areas.  I will follow up and request the officers contact you with further information.


Councillor Burgess to the Cabinet Member for Housing


How are our social landlords selected and what is the criteria for selection?


Supplementary Question –

Please can you kindly email me the response, without placing in the Information Bulletin.  If there is criteria for our social landlords to be selected, what happens if they fall below standard?


Councillor Buck, Cabinet Member for Housing


Thank you for your question.  I will have the officers respond to you.



I will make sure the information is provided.

Councillor Hellier to the Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability


Fly tipping waste in Crawley is an issue and has increased over the last few years.  In my view it’s an environmental tragedy. What fines have been issued and what is the total cost for removal of the waste?  Also what types of waste are we actually encountering? What can the Council do to prioritise and help prevent this?  If possible, could this information be published in the Information Bulletin please as I’m aware you won’t have all the details tonight.

Councillor Jhans, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability


Thank you for your question as it’s a really important topic. Fly tipping is an environmental disaster and costly for the tax payer too. It is one of the top priorities in my portfolio. Our Community Wardens piloted an Enviro-Crime officer to assist in this work and we were able to prosecute several people who were guilty of fly tipping. We have actually seen a ‘flatline’ in figures however we obviously still want those figures to reduce and would like them to be zero.  I would be happy to share further figures with you.



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