Bulletin No: IB/1128a, Councillors' Information Bulletin - Friday, 29th April, 2022

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Action Taken Under Delegated Authority: Award of Contract - Western Boulevard Cycleway Scheme

On 29 April 2022 Councillor Lamb, Leader of the Council (subject to planning permission and in consultation with the Head of Economy and Planning) approved the award of the one-off works for the Western Boulevard Cycleway Scheme as part of an existing Civil Engineering & Hard Landscaping contract that the Council has in place.  In addition, Councillor Lamb delegated the negotiation, approval and completion of all relevant legal documentation, to the Head of Economy and Planning, Head of Legal, Governance & HR and Head of Corporate Finance, in consultation with the appropriate Cabinet Member. Detail is set out in report PES/402 published in Information Bulletin IB/1127a.


Action Taken Under Delegated Authority (Significant Operational Decision): District Heat Network Heat Tariff Review

On 29 April 2022, the Deputy Chief Executive, (in consultation with the Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability), approved the setting of the District Heat Network Heat Tariff to be charged from 1 June 2022.


The heat supply agreement with residents allows the Council to review the heat tariff on practical completion of the DHN (estimated to be 18 May 2022) and then annually thereafter.  This annual process gives the Council the opportunity to review the current tariff which was set in May 2021 and adjust this to reflect any changes in operating costs (eg gas and electricity prices) striking a balance between affordability and commercial viability.


Further information is available on the Council’s website.


Amendments to Sub-Delegation Schemes Relating to the New Town Hall

On 27 April 2022 the Deputy Chief Executive, in consultation with the Leader, agreed the following:


·         That the Deputy Chief Executive’s Sub-Delegation Scheme be amended to delegate “Agreeing the Heads of Terms for the new Town Hall letting” to the Commercial Asset Manager in consultation with the Head of Corporate Finance and the Deputy Chief Executive.


·         That the Head of Major Projects and Commercial Services’ Sub-Delegation Scheme be amended to include a new delegation which states that decisions relating to the “Determination of services to be included within the service charge calculation, the properties to be subject to a service charge and the annual setting of the amount per property” will be taken by the Head of Major Projects and Commercial Services in consultation with the Leader, Deputy Chief Executive and the Head of Corporate Finance.


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