Issue - decisions

Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

25/06/2020 - Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan




That the Cabinet:


a)         approves the draft Crawley LCWIP that has been developed for consultation


b)         delegates authority to the Head of Economy and Planning*, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability, to consider the responses to the consultation and either:


i)          make minor amendments to the Crawley LCWIP in response to the consultation and adopt the amended the LCWIP*


ii)         if there are major amendments required to the draft plan then produce an updated version of the Crawley LCWIP follow further Cabinet consideration and adoption.


*(Generic Delegation 7 will be used to enact this recommendation).



Reasons for the Recommendations


The LCWIP provides a key document to inform the planning authority Local Plan. This enables clear discussions with developers on providing safe, accessible, connected, people-centred neighbourhoods for homes and business, ensuring full linkage with the wider town cycle network and formally evaluated walking routes.


Having an LCWIP will put Crawley Borough Council in a favourable position to apply for government funding for walking & cycling schemes when this comes forward.