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Social Value Charter

10/02/2020 - Social Value Charter

The Leader of the Council presented report FIN/488 of the Head of Corporate Finance. It was explained that currently Crawley Borough Council has several policies and charters that request the supply chain, through the procurement process, to support economic, environmental and social improvements in the community. The number of different Charters and policies had been found to be confusing for suppliers and officers trying to ensure that policy requirements were incorporated in relevant tenders. The Social Value Charter therefore seeks to combine these charters and policy commitments into one easy to read document.


Councillors Jhans, P Smith and Irvine all spoke in support of the proposal as part of the discussion on the report.





That the Cabinet:


a)         approves the Social Value Charter for implementation (as detailed in Appendix A of report FIN/488) and its associated policy commitments.


b)         delegates authority to the Head of Corporate Finance in consultation with the Head of Legal and Democracy and HR and Head of Economy and Planning to finalise the Charter and arrangements for supplier sign-up, monitoring and make minor amendments to the Social Value Charter when required due to changes in policy or legislation, this will be in consultation with the Leader of the Council (Generic delegation 7 will be used to enact this recommendation).


c)         requests that a progress report be presented to Cabinet following the implementation and take up of the Social Value Charter in 12 months’ time


Reasons for the Recommendations


Having one Social Value Charter ensures that all of the Council’s policy commitments are in one easy to use document.  This benefits our suppliers by making our tender processes simpler to follow, clearly stating what our expectations are and enables us to more easily monitor their implementation.