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Proposed Land Disposal of St Catherine's Hospice Site

28/09/2023 - Proposed Land Disposal of St Catherine's Hospice Site

Exempt Paragraph 3 -

Information relating to financial and business affairs of any particular person (including the Authority holding that information)





That the Cabinet:


a)     Approves the disposal of the Council’s land assets on the Malthouse Road site in order to achieve the preferred outcome as detailed in section 6 below, and to accept the outcome of the land receipt as detailed in section 5 below.


b)     Delegates the negotiation, approval and completion of all relevant legal documentation, to the Head of Strategic Housing, the Head of Corporate Finance and the Head of Governance, People and Performance, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Housing and the Leader of the Council. (Generic Delegations 2 and 3 will be used to enact this recommendation).



Reasons for the Recommendations


The Hospice is due to relocate to their new premises at Pease Pottage by end-2023, and they are aiming to surrender their lease on the Council-owned land, and to dispose of their freehold interests in the remainder of the site, including a portion of the site over which the Council has placed a Restrictive Covenant.

The combined freehold interests held by the Council and the Hospice results in an assembled site that is jointly capable of achieving a greater outcome than if they were brought forward independently, and both parties are collaborating towards achieving this objective, whereby the Council is requested to dispose of its freehold interest alongside the Hospice disposing of their freehold interests.

As part-landowner, and in line with the Council’s emerging Local Plan, the Council has restricted the future use of this assembled site for the continued provision of a care facility or to provide sheltered accommodation, and the market has been assessed accordingly, with the preferred outcome as further detailed in this report.