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Councillors' Questions Time

There will be a maximum of 30 minutes for Councillors’ Question Time (CQT). Councillors may ask questions relating to either a portfolio issue or with regard to the functions delegated to a Committee.


There are two methods for Councillors asking questions:


1.     Councillors can submit written questions in advance of the meeting and written answers will be provided on the evening of the Full Council.


2.     Councillors can also verbally ask questions during the CQT.


Councillors have the opportunity to ask oral supplementary questions in relation to either of the methods above.


Name of Councillor asking Question

Name of Cabinet Member Responding


Councillor Crow to the Leader of the Council


Does he share my view that the reputation of this council and that of Crawley was damaged by events at the Tushmore roundabout in July this year and the fact that it took the Mayor 7 weeks to resign?


Councillor Lamb

(Leader of the Council)


I believe that the Mayor did the right thing in resigning and I think that draws a line under that particular issue.

Councillor Lunnon to the Leader of the Council


At the last meeting we talked about honouring Gareth Southgate and I wondered how progress on that was going?

Councillor Lamb

(Leader of the Council)


We are close to an announcement on this, there is a proposal (of which the Leader of the Opposition is aware). There are some legal requirements to attend to but it is hoped that the proposal can be announced soon.


Councillor Eade to the Cabinet Member for Housing


What preparations the council has in place for the shutdown of the analogue telephone lines and the transfer to digitaluk in 2025?  What preparations are being made for the Lifeline machines in the future and replacement machines for the residents that have them now and how it will affect the telephone extension numbers?


Councillor Irvine

(Cabinet Member for Housing)


I’m afraid I don’t have the answer to hand. Procedurally it would have been better as a written question but I will take up the queries you have raised and endeavour to come back to you with the answers.

Councillor Brenda Burgess to the Cabinet Member for Public Protection and Community Engagement


Please can you provide an update as to the council’s plans to re-settle Afghan refugees 

Councillor Jones

(Cabinet Member for Public Protection and Community Engagement)


We are aware of the role that is being undertaken, I believe Kent CC is the primary authority and we liaise with key organisations.


Councillor Peck to the Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability


Kingsgate car park was used by many people and was managed by NCP. Please can the Cabinet Member confirm that the car park will be open for Christmas shopping? Will he be able to meet with me as we have other car parks managed by NCP, as they terminated their lease unexpectedly so there is a concern that these other car parks operated by NCP may terminate their lease with the land providers leaving Crawley with a lack of car parks.


Councillor Jhans

(Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability)


NCP did terminate their lease quickly and the council will be trying to reopen the car park prior to Christmas.  I am not aware of other issues regarding the other car parks but I am happy to meet with you and officers to discuss further.

Councillor Piggott to the Leader of the Council


As Leader of the Council do you feel that residents deserve, in addition to a Deputy Mayor, a full and substantive Mayor at this time?


Councillor Lamb

(Leader of the Council)


We are legally required to operate within the 1972 Local Government Act, which does not provide a mechanism for mid-year elections.

Councillor Ali to the Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability


What is the situation with regards to the resources in the Civil Enforcement Team? And would he consider more resources going into Southgate and Gossops Green controlled parking zones particularly around the school times? 


Councillor Jhans

(Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability)


Interesting question as the council was approached by Gossops Green school to trial safer school streets to allow walking and cycling around school roads. This could be followed up again. As for the Civil Enforcement Officers, everyone knows they are stretched but I am happy  to bring up with the team.


Councillor Lanzer to the Leader of the Council


Given the council’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050 by virtue of its own operations, and given the uncertainties in the energy supply market, what options are available for accelerating the study of alternatives for the district heat network?

Councillor Lamb

(Leader of the Council)


At the moment hydrogen would not be a cheaper alternative to gas. It is more likely to be ‘blue hydrogen’ where it is added into the gas in the short term.  Realities of the energies prices as we transition to a green economy is that it is going to equate to higher costs.  Green solutions need to be cost effective.



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