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Councillor Crow to the CabinetMember for Wellbeing


I have received complaints from residents about parking at K2 Crawley, particularly when events are on. Not only the difficulty of finding parking but in some cases cars parked where they should not be and impeding buses. Are you aware of the parking problems at K2 Crawley and are there fines issued?


Councillor Mullins –

(Cabinet Member for Wellbeing).


We recently increased the parking at K2 Crawley by 70 spaces so we now have a total of 570 spaces.  However bad behaviour is unacceptable.  I will ask officers and the contractor to investigate.

Councillor Lunnon to the Cabinet for Housing


How many tenancies have Crawley Homes had released this year?

Councillor Irvine –

(Cabinet Member for Housing).


Since 1 May 2019 190 social housing tenants started compared to 161 the previous year, thus showing an increase.   In addition there are another 105 applicants currently under offer waiting for their tenancies to start.  In Crawley’s “Inside Housing” magazine, Crawley Council is in the top 50 English Councils for projected house building over the next 5 years. 


Councillor B J Burgess to the Cabinet Member for Wellbeing


There was an event that took place at Tilgate Nature Centre involving children and young people with disabilities.  I was however concerned to learn that £4 was being charged for all those involved, both under 5 and up to 18 years of age. Please can you confirm if carers were allowed in for free and if the event occurs again, please can under 5’s be free?


Councillor Mullins –

(Cabinet Member for Wellbeing).


The normal policy for disabled groups is that the Nature Centre is informed in advance and the group is not charged.  Our normal policy is not to charge.  This is the first I’m hearing of this.  If you can let me know the group concerned I can investigate further.  

Councillor Mwagale to the Cabinet Member for Wellbeing


It is about the children’s play areas at Loppetts Road and Chichester Close. Both are in a sorry state and I wondered when the Council would be undertaking a refurbishment of these sites?


Councillor Mullins –

(Cabinet Member for Wellbeing).


All play areas are featured in a refurbishment programme and we are currently working through that programme. We have been talking about re-assessing them. I am happy to come and have a look at the sites.  Sometimes even if they are old they are still functional. The most important aspect is the safety of the site and ensuring that it is usable.


Councillor Pickett to the Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development


What is the position on the Road Space Audit?

Councillor P Smith –

(Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development).


The Road Space Audit was carried out by WSCC over a year ago. I’ve had a meeting with Roger Elkins as the Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure. Unfortunately there is not a schedule to progress it, except for Manor Royal Business District which they are bringing forward, but that brings with it displacement parking concerns surrounding Three Bridges and Northgate.  The draft RSA report is poor and I have provided feedback.


Councillor Pendlington to the Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development


Regarding Morrisons, obviously it’s a private landlord and we are limited as to what happens on that site, but how much are we able to influence and how are we monitoring the situation?

Councillor P Smith –

(Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development).


We’ve taken it really seriously and we’ve been in contact with Morrisons. We’ve offered our Employment and Skills Team to help the staff and to offer them support through this difficult time.  We have been working with our contacts within the commercial sector, the town centre businesses and the Town Centre Board. Unfortunately there is no progress. It is a private site and it is privately owned. But we will do everything we can to support the owners.


Councillor Hart to the Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability


Following on from the experiment with the wildflowers at Rusper Road have any further sites been earmarked for next year or is this going to be just a one off?

Councillor Thomas –

(Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability)


At the previous Full Council meeting I did request site suggestions for wildflower meadows across the town. There are at least 35 suggestions but the majority of these have been from Amenity Services staff.  There needs to be an assessment, but we are keen to build on the success of Rusper Road.


Councillor Guidera to the Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development


Within the draft Local Plan document Policy EC10 regarding neighbourhood centres and the neighbourhood principal, given the result in Tilgate and the petition which continues to attract signatures from local people do you accept that it is time to sit down with these people and have a conversation? 

Councillor P Smith –

(Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development).


I am prepared to meet with the tenants and officers at any time. I have met with them both informally and formally. I am happy to meet with people about how to improve things but what we can’t do is produce miracles and access a magic money tree. We will not make a commitment to reduce rents but we will provide advice.