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To answer questionsto CabinetMembersunder Council Procedure Rule 11.2.


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Councillor Crow to the Leader of the Council


Please could I ask you to provide members of your Group that are committee chairs with a reminder to proof read minutes, given the recent errors contained within the minutes in this council agenda?


Councillor Lamb

(Leader of the Council)


When I approve the Cabinet minutes, I look for the substance of the debate and that is what I will continue to do, rather than the typos. I would appreciate it if my chairs did likewise.


Councillor Hart to the Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability


Regarding the wildflower meadow on the junction of Hyde Drive and Rusper Road which looks stunning. Is it the intention to roll the scheme out across the town? 

Councillor Thomas

(Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability)


The meadow was an experiment.  However if anyone feels there is an area in your ward that would benefit from similar development please let me know. Albeit there are constraints and resource implications and a balance to be struck between not having the grass cut as much and the meadow looking more natural.


Councillor Purdy to the Cabinet Member for Public Protection and Community Engagement


Given the continuing rise of antisocial cycling in Queens Square and elsewhere across the town centre that is being experienced by residents and visitors, what actions will the Council be taking to tackle this matter and in particular what actions will you be taking to support our Civil Enforcement Officers so you can better discharge their duties?

Councillor B Smith

(Cabinet Member for Public Protection for Public Protection and Community Engagement)


This is not a matter I’ve had raised with me directly so your question is not one I’ve had a chance to research an answer to. However it would be the Community Warden and not the Civil Enforcement Officers that would deal with it on our behalf. If you will indulge me, I will take the time to talk to Officers in the next couple of days and find out the situation, establish if there is an issue and come back to you in a written reply which I’ll send to all members. 


Councillor B Burgess to the Cabinet Member for Wellbeing


I believe that the Arts Council England has commissioned us to come up with a Strategy for Arts in Crawley. I believe consultants have been appointed to carry out a survey of arts groups in Crawley. What is the outcome of the consultation?


Councillor Mullins

(Cabinet Member for Wellbeing)


We are pleased with the interest the Arts Council has shown in Crawley.  It is still early days and the consultation is still ongoing. The results will be published once they are known.

Councillor Jaggard to the Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability


I’ve been in the town centre several times this week and I’ve been listening to people busking. Some of the busking is really fabulous, some of it is less good. I just wondered why the council does not have any licences for buskers as sometimes you get two happening at the same time. In some other times buskers need a licence and I just wondered why we didn’t have such a system?


Councillor Thomas

(Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Sustainability)


I am afraid this isn’t something I have full knowledge of. I will speak to the Officers to gain an understanding.

Councillor R Burgess to the Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development


When the refurbished Queens Square was opened less than two years ago it was a welcome addition to the town centre. Many residents expressed concern about the cleanliness. I have it on good authority that the square is being cleaned on a regular basis using the special machinery but it seems to have produced an additional issue. I’m informed that the cleaning team are doing such a good job that the sealant between the paving slabs is coming away. What is being done to address this issue? Also what measures are being taken to limit the amount of chewing gum?


Councillor P Smith

(Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development)


I think in terms of the cleaning being over rigorous I think you’re referring to the Queensway where there was an issue. The Queensway wasn’t finished and the cleaners went down there and they swept out some of the grouting and the area hadn’t been sealed, so the fencing had to be put back up as the site hasn’t formally been handed over. In terms of cleaning, we have proposals to clean the chewing gum.