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Planning Application CR/2018/0273/FUL - Gatwick Airport Station, South Terminal, Gatwick

To consider report PES/290 (a)of the Head of Economy and Planning.




The Committee considered report PES/290 (a) of the Head of Economy and Planning which proposed as follows:


Proposed construction of new station concourse/airport entrance area, link bridges, platform canopies, back of house staff accommodation and associated improvement works (amended flood risk assessment received).


Councillors Boxall, Stone and Thomas declared they had visited the site.


The Principal Planning Officer provided a verbal summation of the application and provided the Committee with the following update:


·         Although inadvertently omitted from the report as part of the responses received from consultees, GAL have advised that it supports the proposals.

·         The Applicant has advised that the existing cycle parking provision for passengers would remain unaltered.

·         There would be an amendment made to Condition 6 to reflect the fact that this would not now be a pre-commencement condition.  The amended Condition is as set out below:-


6.         No development above platform level shall commence until details of the permanent lighting scheme for the development are submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. No subsequent alterations shall take place unless first submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.

REASON: It is necessary to control the permanent lighting arrangements on this development to avoid confusion with aeronautical ground lighting and to prevent glint and glare to pilots and ATC which could endanger the safe movement of aircraft and the operation of Gatwick Airport in accordance with policy GAT1 of the Crawley Borough Local Plan 2015-2030.


For Information: Please refer to AOA Advice Note 2 ‘Lighting Near Aerodromes’, available from:


·         The Applicant had not yet addressed the issues identified in Paragraphs 5.11 and 5.12 of the report in that they had not currently provided adequate details of how the application would comply with policy ENV7 (District Energy Networks).   As such the report’s Recommendation had been amended so that the decision on the application would be delegated to the Head of Economy and Planning, subject to the receipt of satisfactory information to ensure the requirements of ENV7 had been addressed. 



The Committee then considered the application.  In response to an issue raised, the Principal Planning Officer confirmed that cycle parking provision for passengers would remain as it was.  The applicant had confirmed that lifts would be capable of carrying cycles and there would be wider access points within the station for passengers.  Cycle access within the station would therefore be improved.  Whilst cycle storage was proposed for staff, this application did not include cycle storage for passengers.  On balance the lack of improved cycle parking facilities for passengers was considered acceptable when weighed against the other benefits that the scheme would deliver.


The Committee in discussing the application further, felt that the proposed alterations to the Airport’s Railway Station would enhance the facility as a modern, well designed structure and provide an improved rail access to Gatwick Airport and the surrounding area including Manor Royal.




That a decision to Permit be delegated to the Head of Economy and Planning, subject to:


(i)       The receipt from the Applicant of additional information to satisfactorily address Policy ENV7 (District Energy Networks).


(ii)        The Conditions set out in report PES/290 (a), and the updated Condition 6 above.






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