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Overview and Scrutiny Commission

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Information about Overview and Scrutiny Commission

The Council is required to have an overview and scrutiny function which:


·       Provides 'critical friend' challenge and holds to account the executive policy and decision makers

·       Drives improvement, finds efficiencies and new ways of delivering services

·       Enables the voice and concerns of the public and its communities to be heard

·       Will be carried out by councillors in an apolitical and non-partisan manner and who lead and own the scrutiny process.


The Overview and Scrutiny Commission (OSC) is a non-partisan committee made up non-Cabinet councillors and is politically representative of the Council.


The OSC can establish scrutiny panels to carry out in-depth, time-limited reviews on a particular issue, policy or service provided by the Council or other local bodies.


However, scrutiny and its panels cannot deal with:

·       Individual complaints

·       Individual decisions made by regulatory committees i.e. Planning and Licensing Committees.


A scrutiny panel decides what to examine and what information might be needed during its review, including witnesses and site visits.  Investigations are carried out and recommendations produced through evidence gathering.  A final report of the panel, including the recommendations, is considered by the OSC before being sent for approval by the Cabinet or Full Council.


Getting involved in scrutiny gives you an opportunity to tell us what issues are important to you and to help make a difference.


You can suggest a topic by contacting your ward councillor.