Bulletin No: IB/1173, Councillors' Information Bulletin - Wednesday, 15th March, 2023

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Delegated Planning Decisions pdf icon PDF 58 KB

Delegated planning decisions for the week beginning 6 March 2023 are attached.  Contact for enquiries: Jean McPherson, Group Manager (Development Management) on


Temporary Traffic Regulation Order: Bycroft Way pdf icon PDF 46 KB

A Temporary Traffic Regulation Order for Bycroft Way is attached.


Action Taken Under Delegated Authority: Review and Reprioritisation of the Unsupervised Play Investment Programme

On 15 March 2023 Councillor C Mullins, as Cabinet Member for Wellbeing, exercised their delegated authority to agree to group the remaining 8 approved schemes for unsupervised play together within one tender and delegate authority to the Head of Community Services, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Wellbeing, to conduct any further review stage/s and agree where necessary to reprioritise the order of delivery for the relevant phase of the investment programme as set out in report HCS/056 which was published on 7 March 2023 in Councillors’ Information Bulletin IB/1172.


Action Taken Under Delegated Authority (Significant Operational Decision): Parks Tennis Capital Program

As part of the 2022/23 capital programme (FIN/537), the Council included an allocation of £160,460 to make improvements to parks tennis courts covering 3 wards. Following this, the project budget and scope has changed from the original capital scheme approval.


On 14 December 2022, Full Council approved the increase in the capital programme for Park Tennis by £111,390 funded from Lawn Tennis Grant. The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) agreed to increase their grant from £21,000 to a maximum of £132,390, thereby making a total project budget of £271,850 – as outlined in paragraph 9.3 of report FIN/596. The funding will allow improvements to be made to parks tennis courts in 3 wards – Maidenbower, Furnace Green, and West Green. The Council have now entered into a Grant Funding Agreement with the LTA Tennis Foundation which includes accepting the standard terms and obligation period, which include:

·        A contractual requirement with the Council and the LTA preferred contractor, CIA Fire and Security LTD, for the supply and installation of gates and access systems and to be operational for a minimum period of 5 years.

·        Connecting the access control system to Clubspark (or the LTA’s preferred booking system) for a minimum period of 5 years.

·        To maintain the gate access system for the duration of the obligation period.


All works except for the gate supply and installation to be carried out under our Civil Engineering and Minor Works Framework Contract which Edburton holds with the Council till 2nd January 2024.


On 15 December 2022 the Head of Major Projects and Commercial Services took the decision to proceed under the Civil Engineering & Minor Works Contract and to enter into and accept the standard terms and obligations set out within the Grant Funding Agreement with the LTA Tennis Foundation to fund the renovation of park tennis courts and provision of gate access systems across 3 sites.  Standard terms and obligation period include using LTA preferred booking system and gate contractor for the supply, installation and maintenance agreement for a period of 5 years.


Change to Membership: Planning Committee

In accordance with Paragraph 2.1(o) of the Full Council Procedure Rules contained within the Constitution, and in concurrence with the wishes of the political group, the Head of Governance, People & Performance has made the following change to the membership of the Planning Committee:


·        Councillor Pritchard to be replaced with Councillor Hart.


This change takes immediate effect.


Minor Change to the Constitution: Full Council Procedure Rules

Under delegated authority and in consultation with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Governance Committee the Head of Governance, People & Performance has made the following minor amendment to the Full Council Procedure Rules (namely paragraph 8.3) to remove their ambiguity and reflect the Council’s current practice.  The Rules now make it clear that there may be multiple votes to extend a meeting of the Full Council (potentially past 11pm). 


“Vote to Extend the Meeting:  If the business of the meeting has not been completed within 2 ½ hours, the Mayor will call for a vote to extend the meeting for up to 30 minutes.  A simple majority is required for the meeting to continue.


If required, following the meeting’s initial extension, a further votes would may be taken to extend the meeting for by periods not exceeding up to 30 minutes in each case.  However, if the Full Council is held outside of the Town Hall no further extensions may be called to extend the meeting beyond that period (normally 11.00pm) when the guillotine will come into effect.”


This change takes immediate effect.


Response to Questions Asked at Overview and Scrutiny Commission on 6 March 2023

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