Bulletin No: IB/1225, Councillors' Information Bulletin - Tuesday, 19th March, 2024

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Delegated Planning Decisions pdf icon PDF 67 KB

Delegated planning decisions for the week beginning 11 March 2024 are attached.  Contact for enquiries: Jean McPherson, Group Manager (Development Management) on


Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders pdf icon PDF 48 KB

The following documents are attached in relation to Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders:

·        List of Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders.

·        Station Hill, Pound Hill (Appendix A).

·        Ifield Wood, Ifield (Appendix B).

·        Spring Plat, Pound Hill (Appendix C).

·        Capsey Road, Guinevere Road, Peverel Road, Fairway and Tern Road, Ifield (Appendix D).


Additional documents:


Cancellation of Planned Road Closure: Stagelands, Langley Green pdf icon PDF 606 KB

The road closure scheduled to take place at Stagelands, Langley Green will no longer be going ahead.  The original notice is attached.


Response to Questions and Actions Arising from Meetings of the Full Council pdf icon PDF 78 KB

The response to questions and actions arising from the recent meeting of the Full Council are attached.


Section 106 Monies Committed pdf icon PDF 56 KB

Developers are often required through Section 106 planning agreements to make financial contributions towards the provision or improvement of infrastructure if a need is generated by the new developments. These monies must be spent as set out in the planning agreements and in accordance with government guidance.


For Councillors’ information, attached are the details of the latest projects to which S106 developer funds have been committed from funds collected under the Transport and Libraries categories.


Pre-Election Period Guidance for Councillors and Officers pdf icon PDF 197 KB

A guidance note on the pre-election period is attached.


Consideration Report: Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Transparency Statement: 2024/2025 pdf icon PDF 264 KB

Consideration report FIN/656 of the Head of Corporate Finance is attached.


Consideration Report: Future Acquisitions for Affordable Housing Delivery Relating to Resolutions (b) and (d) of Report CH/201

Consideration report CH/205 of the Head of Crawley Homes is attached for Councillors only.



Consideration Report: Temporary Accommodation Modular Housing Solution relating to resolution (c) of Report SHAP/81

Consideration report SHAP/089 of the Head of Strategic Housing is attached for Councillors only.


Staff Changes: February 2024

Information is attached for Councillors only.


Press Releases

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