Bulletin No: IB/1135a, Councillors' Information Bulletin - Wednesday, 15th June, 2022

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Action Taken Under Delegated Authority (Significant Operational Decision): Proposed Article 4 Directions: Planning "Change of Use from" C3 (Dwelling Houses) to C4 (Houses in Multiple Occupation)

On 3 February 2021 the Cabinet approved the making of 10 Directions under Article 4(1) of the Town and Country (General Permitted Development) Order 2015 (as amended). Detail of this decision is provided in Report PES/366.


Following a 12 month notification period and having considered all representations made during consultation, on 15 June 2022 the Head of Economy and Planning confirmed Article 4 Directions in respect of the change of use of dwellinghouses to houses in multiple occupation (to come into force on the 15 June 2022) in ten residential zones falling within the following areas:

·         Weald Drive, Furnace Green

·         Victoria Mews, West Green

·         Caburn Heights, Southgate

·         Aintree Road & Epsom Road, Furnace Green

·         Ardingly Close, Ifield

·         Farmleigh Close, Pound Hill

·         Beverley Mews, Three Bridges

·         Ringwood Close, Furnace Green

·         Rillside & Winterfold, Furnace Green

·         Arden Road, Furnace Green


Maps showing the extent of each zone can be viewed here.


The Directions relate to the permitted development right for the change of use of buildings from dwelling houses (Class C3) to houses of multiple occupation with up to 6 residents (Class C4) without the need for planning permission.


With the Article 4 Directions now in force within the ten zones identified above, the permitted development rights referred to above are removed. This means that within these areas planning permission will be required where a change of use is proposed from dwelling houses (Class C3) to houses of multiple occupation with up to 6 residents (Class C4). Changes of use which pre-date the coming into effect of the Direction are not affected.


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