Bulletin No: IB/1086, Councillors' Information Bulletin - Wednesday, 30th June, 2021

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Delegated Planning Decisions pdf icon PDF 27 KB

Delegated planning decisions for the week beginning 21 June 2021 are attached.  Contact for enquiries: Jean McPherson, Group Manager: Development Management on


Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders pdf icon PDF 17 KB

The following documents are attached in relation to Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders:

·       List of Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders.

·       The Millbank, Ifield (Appendix A).

·       College Road & The Boulevard (Appendix B).

·       Gatwick Road, Northgate (Appendix C).

·       Ifield Wood, Ifield (Appendix D).

Additional documents:


Cabinet Member Portfolio Responsibilities 2021-22 pdf icon PDF 227 KB

The Leader has amended the Cabinet Member Portfolio Responsibilities following the recent change in Cabinet Portfolios.  These changes are also reflected in the recently re-published Constitution.  For ease of reference the revised Responsibilities are attached.


Minor Amendment to the Constitution: Duration of Planning Committees pdf icon PDF 10 KB

Councillors’ Information Bulletin IB/1085 reported a minor change to the General Committee Procedure Rules in the Constitution which introduced a Guillotine for all Committee meetings to fall at 11pm thereby ensuring that the meetings end by 11.30pm (as it is necessary to vacant the Charis Centre by midnight).


The newly introduced Committee Guillotine rules stated that any recommendations on the agenda that have not been dealt with by 11pm, would be deemed formally moved and seconded (together with any amendments).  It also stated that no speeches would be allowed on those items and the vote would be taken in the usual way.  However, due to the nature of decisions taken by the Planning Committee it was deemed that specific Guillotine rules were necessary for meetings of the Planning Committee to ensure that all planning matters were given the level of consideration expected.


Therefore at the request of the Head of Legal, Governance and HR, at its meeting held on 29 June 2021, the Planning Committee considered the issue and resolved that specific Guillotine rules be introduced for the Planning Committee which required that any matter not dealt with by 11pm be deferred to the next scheduled meeting of the Committee.  The exception to this would be any matters which statutorily required a decision before the date of the next meeting, in which case an additional Committee meeting would be arranged as soon as practicably possible to consider those matters.  Any item already undergoing debate at 11pm would be concluded and voted upon rather than being deferred.


To accommodate this resolution, the Head of Legal, Governance and HR has further amended the General Committee Procedure Rules in the Constitution to introduce Guillotine provisions specific to the Planning Committee.  This change will take immediate effect and has been reflected in the recently re-published Constitution.  For ease of reference the revised paragraph is attached.


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