Extraordinary Meeting, Full Council
Wednesday, 23rd January, 2019 7.30 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - Town Hall. View directions

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Apologies for Absence

To receive anyapologiesfor absence.


Disclosures of Interest

In accordance with the Council's Code of Conduct, Councillors of the Council are reminded that it is a requirement to declare interests where appropriate.




With the sad passing of former Councillor, Rianna Humble, the Mayor will provide Councillors the opportunity to pay tribute to Rianna, who served as the Councillor for West Green for ten years from September 2000 until May 2010 – as Councillor Hull.


Polling District Review 2018/2019 – Final Proposals - Recommendation 1

The Full Council is asked to approve Recommendation 1 (To follow). This recommendation arises from the Governance Committee held on 14 January 2019, relating to a review of polling arrangements across in the Borough.


The review was required following the changes to ward boundaries made by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England’s review of Crawley and also combined with the statutory review of polling arrangements which must be undertaken during the period between 1st October 2018 and 31st January 2020.


A copy of the report (LDS/148) considered by the Governance Committee can is availablehere.



Constitutional Change - Recommendation 2

The Full Council is asked to approve Recommendation 2, - A Constitutional Change (as set out below). This recommendation arises from the Governance Committee held on 14 January 2019.  


A full copy of the Governance Committee minute are to follow.


Recommendation 2




Proposed amendment


Where appropriate:

·         Additional wording is shown in bold


Reason for amendment

Council Procedure Rules – Page 165




(Councillors Burrett and Lunnon)

Amend paragraph 2.2(a) “Duration of Meeting: Guillotine (Concluding the Meeting)” as follows:


“(a)      Concluding the Meeting


If the business of the Council meeting has not been concluded within two and a half hours, unless the majority of Members present vote for the meeting to continue for a period up to 30 minutes if required, the following procedure will be implemented.  Following the meeting’s initial extension, consideration will be given to extending the meeting by further periods of up to 30 minutes if required.  However, if the Full Council is held outside of the Town Hall, no further extensions may be called to extend the meeting beyond 11.00pm when the guillotine will come into effect.”


When Full Council meetings are held at the Town Hall there is no requirement to conclude the meeting by a certain time.  However, the current guillotine is required for other venues such as the Charis Centre as the building closes at 11.30pm.



Supplemental Agenda

Anyurgentitem(s) complyingwithSection 100(B) ofthe LocalGovernment Act1972.