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Proposals to Extend Gigabit Ultrafast Public Fibre Connectivity

Meeting: 27/11/2019 - Cabinet (Item 16)

16 Extending Gigabit Ultrafast Public Fibre Connectivity

Planning and Economic Development Portfolio


(Exempt Paragraph 3)


To consider report DAT/02 of the Head of Digital and Transformation.


Exempt Paragraph 3

Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person

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The Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development presented report DAT/02of the Head of Digital and Transformation which set out the proposal for the commissioning of ultrafast broadband to the Council’s buildings, by utilising an option within West Sussex County Council’s existing contract Framework for full fibre optic ultrafast connectivity. The Cabinet heard that since the publication of the report, further legal advice relating to the structure of the contract had been received and as a result it now proposed that the ‘Capital’ option of the 30 year contract was the most advantageous approach for the Council to enter in to.


Councillor Mullins spoke as part of the discussion on the report.





1)            That the Cabinet:


a)    approves in principle that the Council enter into an agreement using the West Sussex County Council’s Framework for full fibre optic ultrafast connectivity.


b)    delegates authority to the Chief Executive, in consultation with the Leader, to approve the contract for full fibre optic ultrafast connectivity for the 30 year contract, including the details of the contract, the location of sites for connectivity, and any necessary associated documentation (Generic Delegation 3 will be used to enact this recommendation).


2)            That Full Council be recommended to approve a supplementary capital estimate up to a maximum of £2.7m in 2021/22



Reasons for the Recommendations


This investment will unlock the delivery of fibre optic ultrafast connectivity to all homes and businesses within Crawley, years ahead of the timetable dictated by commercial and market factors alone. This will provide Crawley with a competitive edge, encourage inward and external investment in Crawley, help draw hi-tech companies to the area and bring with them the jobs, salaries, training opportunities and investment to Crawley.